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This is a powerful and eye-opening process…


• We will look more deeply at the internal chaos you currently experience with food, your body and your mind 

• I’ll listen intimately to what your challenges are

• Together we’ll get to the root of why you aren’t 100% at peace with food YET

You will find that this Discovery Session is very unique, powerful and sacred - as is all the work that I do.

Here’s what you need to do to receive one of these powerful private conversations:

1). Fill out the application below.

2). Answer from a place of pure honesty. Don’t write down what you think you should. Write down what you know to be true. The more honest you are with yourself, the more honest you are with me, the more transformative your session will be.

3). Submit this application as soon as possible. I have a very tight schedule that fills up and let’s make sure you’re finding peace with food as soon as possible.

4). Your application is received and it comes directly to me. Everything is kept 100% confidential.

5). If it makes sense for us to connect, you’ll be hearing from myself or my team about scheduling a time. If it doesn’t make sense for us to connect, we will guide you to an immediate next step so you can continue the process of understanding your Roots Of Emotional Eating®.

A Very Important Note:  Your discovery session to explore enrolling in an Escape From Emotional Eating Program is a high-level act of personal and energetic responsibility. This entire discovery session process is sacred and reserved for those who want peace with food more than anything.

  • I work with women who don’t fit the typical stereotype of emotional eaters.

    I work with women who are smart, successful, highly motivated and always hungry for more in life. I work with women who don’t have 100’s of pounds to lose and already know what they should be eating.

  • Escape From Emotional Eating® is NOT your typical weight loss program.

  • It is NOT traditional nutritional health coaching. And it is not structured like simple life coaching or therapy sessions.

    These programs are reserved for those who want peace with food, body and mind more than anything. These powerful life changing programs are an alternative approach specifically designed to heal your relationship with food physically, mentally and spiritually with real results that last a lifetime.

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