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In exploring if working together is a fantastic fit, I need to know more about you!

Here is what you need to do:

1). Complete the form below at least 24-hours before your Discovery Session with Jessica.

2). We recommend submitting this as soon as possible so it doesn't get lost in the busyness of life.  Also, Jessica uses this important info in prep for your session together, therefore submitting it sooner allows her to give you the time and attention you deserve!

3). If your form is not received before your scheduled connection, you will forfeit your session.

Thank you for doing your part to start healing your emotional eating!

  • Escape From Emotional Eating® is NOT your typical weight loss program.

  • It is NOT traditional nutritional health coaching. And it is not structured like simple life coaching or therapy sessions.

    These programs are reserved for those who want peace with food, body and mind more than anything. These powerful life changing programs are an alternative approach specifically designed to heal your relationship with food physically, mentally and spiritually with real results that last a lifetime.

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